Phone: 01536 206 282



Gents Hair Stylists

Gents Hair Stylists

Phone: 01536 206 282

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61 Forest Gate Road, Corby  NN17 1TW

Gents, mens and boys barbers, hair stylists, salon, hairdressers in Corby Northants open 7 days a week for trims, re-styles and colouring, appointments taken but not always necessary



Temporary opening hours: Mon: 9am-7pm / Tues: 9am-6pm / Weds: 9am-6pm / Thurs: 9am-6pm  

                                                       Fri: 9am-7pm / Sat: 8am-6pm / Sun 9am-5pm


We have put a system in place to keep you, your families and our staff as safe as possible,

there are a few new procedures which we will re-evaluate as and when needed.


* There will be a surcharge of £2 per person for PPE (disposable mask & apron) to protect you and our staff,

   we will provide a mask upon your arrival.

* However if you have your own mask you will only be charged a £1 surcharge.

* You must have no products in your hair prior to coming in for your haircut, as we cannot at present wash or dry hair.

* There will be 3 staff working at 2 metres apart every day.

* There will also be no beard trims in the short term.

* There will be 4 waiting area chairs at 2 metres apart inside the salon and a temporary waiting area outside as well

* It will be a one in one out system 

* Must attend alone unless a guardian is required

* We would also like to keep cash handling to a minimum and therefore ask you to use contactless payment


We look forward to welcoming you back to Fitzys !